Becoming a Guide

Qualifying as a Mountainbike Guide begins with candidates applying for Trainee Guides status using the application form here.
It is expected that candidates are already highly experienced mountain bikers with overseas experience and at the least a recognised Level 2 Leader-Coach qualification (plus Overseas and Expedition Module). Usually accreditation can be given for previous experience and qualifications gained through other recognised National Awarding Bodies.

The experience required to start the training scheme needs both breadth and depth. An applicant must be able to show a diverse and high standard, on a variety of mountain bike terrains, some of which may be classed as remote. Experience and competence in a hillwalking and mountain environment typical of the localities that many of the trail Centre’s are located is essential

Once accepted on the scheme, an ABMG Trainee Guide is supported throughout the process by a highly qualified ABMG Staff from a background of world class riders, ABMG Tutors, and High Performance Coaches.