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Mountain Bike Coaching UK (MBCUKTM) awards scheme is one of the UK’s primary mountain biking organisations and exists to train, develop and educate mountain bikers with the required knowledge and skills to coach and lead challenging, enjoyable and safe mountain bike activities. MBCUK has been delivering mountain biking activities to thousands of learners in the UK and worldwide over a period of more than 12 years, and continues to be recognised as one of the UK’s lead mountain biking activity specialist organisations.

MBCUK specifically developed nationaly recognised and accredited mountain biking awards to meet the demand of this growing adventurous activity. The MBCUK scheme offers nationally recognised training and assessment courses for coaching and leader awards, and additionally provides a Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) accredited award.

MBCUK is endorsed and inspected by ABCC for membership and insurance. It is licensed and externally assured by Innovate Awarding for QCF accreditation; inspected for training delivery by Adventuremark; the advisory body for non-statutory adventurous training activities; and is recognised by the Adventure Activities Licencing Services (AALA) as part of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for the inspection and licensing of organisations delivering adventurous activities to under-18s.

Cycling UK

About Cycling UK (Formerly CTC)

Cycling UK’s vision is of a healthier, happier and cleaner world, because more people cycle.
We want people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to be able to cycle safely, easily and enjoyably.

Cycling UK has championed the cause of cycling for well over a century. We promote all forms of cycling, protect the interests of existing and would-be cyclists, and inspire people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to discover the joys of cycling.

As an independent, democratic and expert organisation, our activities reflect the commitment of our members, volunteers and partners to make cycling mainstream, making a lasting difference to the lives of individuals and communities.

In 1936, the Cyclists’ Touring Club created a first cycling proficiency scheme in response to increasing cyclists’ casualties at the time. This was adopted as a national programme run by RoSPA in 1948 and has been in use almost ever since. Today, Cycling UK is at the forefront of a next generation of cycle training and Bikeability.

During the last 20 years Cycling UK has worked with its partners to train, develop and deliver a scheme of on road and off road courses and qualifications to support and train ride leaders safely, this includes the Mountain Bike Leaders.

Cycling UK is one of the primary providers of Mountain Bike leader training and assessment. CUK aim is to train, develop and educate MTB leaders, with skills and knowledge to coach and lead challenging, enjoyable and safe mountain bike activities. CUK has delivered over 4000 learners worldwide over a period of 20 years and continues to be recognised as one of the leaders in Cycle Training.

About MIAS

Mountain Biking is often associated with freedom, adventure, discovery and exercise. It promotes an opportunity to explore local and national wilderness environments. Group leaders should always foster a high regard for the environment and other users and inhabitants and encourage in others an understanding of the problems of conservation, access and erosion. The Mountain-Bike Instructors’ Award Scheme includes consideration for all these aspects, which are vital if the ethics and traditions of the outdoors are to continue.

The Mountain-Bike Instructors’ Award Scheme (MIAS) offer a range of courses for prospective and current cycling MTB leaders. We were established back in 1989 and now have over 17,800 members and have continued to develop working relationships with awarding bodies, presently Innovate Awarding.

We provide structured training for those involved in Mountain Biking both in the Uk and internationally.

About EO-MTBing

EO-MTBing is the European Organisation of Mountain Bike Instructor-Guides. We came into existence from the first ever collective pooling of skills, knowledge and experience from leading MTB training organisation’s across Europe, creating the world’s foremost source of expertise on the subject of MTB instructor-guiding. Our goals are to help define, develop and represent the profession of mountain bike instructor-guide on a national and international level.

Our first main project was the creation of a standard qualification level for MTB instructor-guides across Europe, with the EO-MTBing European license. The project, called CAPS-MTB (Creating a Professional European Standard in MTB Instructor-Guiding) is being jointly funded by our partner organisation’s and the Erasmus+ scheme from the European Commission.

The CAPS-MTB project will be delivered by existing national training organisation’s. Our role is not to provide the training directly ourselves but to work with our member organisation’s to ensure that their own schemes all reach a common European standard. Students who successfully qualify to their highest national level will then be able to proceed to a final EO-MTBing examination, held twice a year in Europe, to obtain their EO-MTBing European license.

In the future mountain bikers will be able to consult a single resource to find friendly, professional, expert instruction and guiding no matter where they are in Europe. Whether they’re introducing their kids to the local forest single-track or taking their friends on the biking holiday of a lifetime, EO-MTBing will ensure they can always find the same high standards of professionalism wherever they are in Europe.

In doing so we also aim to be the catalyst for a whole new era in the profession of mountain bike instructor-guiding, with higher and more consistent levels across Europe and massively increased work opportunities in this young and exciting profession we love so much.


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